We are saying goodbye...

Our Story

My name is Sung and along with my wife we immigrated to the United States from Korea in 1996.

We've survived until now by starting multiple small businesses including a Korean restaurant, frozen yogurt shop, and recently a Korean Mexican Fusion Food Truck in Seattle and raised our three beautiful kids in the U.S.

Towards 2011, our frozen yogurt store had gone under and we had lost everything in bankruptcy. However, due to my son's passion he was able to start up a Korean Mexican food truck business called Bomba Fusion in Seattle from his dorm room which he handed off to us so we could make a living and eventually sell the business to retire.

Since 2015, my wife and I worked through long hours and also weekends to make this business grow as much as it can so we can one day sell the business and retire.

Although we've had many ups and downs we were able to keep the business growing and in the year 2020, we were on track to have our best year in terms of both revenue and profits due to our catering business expanding.

Unfortunately that came to a quick pause when COVID came and closed all the corporate offices in March of this year. As we are in our 60s, my son was afraid of how fast COVID was spreading and sent us to Korea until things got better and we could resume the business once the offices were open again.

Unfortunately the offices never reopened, and even worse when we went for a hospital check up in Korea we discovered my wife had a tumor in her brain due to an aneurysm.

Just when we thought things couldn't be worse, it turned out she needed a brain surgery otherwise she would be in critical condition.

I'm glad to say the surgery went well and due to the good health care system in Korea, the cost of the surgery wasn't something that was too outrageous.

However, we are still in a position right now where we are forced to shut down our business and my wife is no longer able to work due to her health condition which forces us into retirement.

My son has supported us with much of our current bills and costs but without much in savings it puts us in a difficult situation.

Normally we would not be in a position to reach out for help but due to our current situation we would appreciate any help towards our way.

Thank you for your time if you read through this post and we hope you all stay safe during these times.

May God Bless You.
Sung Yu.