Seattle's Best Korean-Mexican Fusion Food Truck

We are a Seattle based food truck, and we can be found throughout this wonderful city. To see where we are going to be today, check the schedule below.

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Korean and Mexican cultures have combined to deliver an awesome explosion of flavor for your taste buds. Food doesn't have to be complicated. Have tasty food and excellent customer service, what more could people ask for? Our mission is simple. Taste, quality, and great customer service. We strive to improve these three traits each day and deliver top notch food to our customers and make people happy!
Bomba Fusion is a food truck combining the best of Korean and Mexican culture to bring unique styles of menu items to its customers. Korean BBQ fusion combines bulgogi, and other types of meat with burritos, tacos, and different combinations to create "Awesome".

Our Story

It all started in 2011 when Simon had to drop out of the University of Washington in order to find a full time job to save enough money to go back to school. Working full time as a bank teller, he didn’t make enough to go back to school. In order to (hopefully) earn more money in order to go back and additionally wanting to gain business experience, he started a food delivery business at the UW. Combining food from two different countries he enjoyed, he decided to combine a Korean dish (bulgogi) using his mom’s recipe with the Mexican taco. The business did well and Simon was able to go back to school and graduate with a degree in Finance at the University of Washington.
After finishing school, Simon’s passion was to start a food truck in order to grow the business and be able to work with his parents who had recently lost their jobs. He was able to reach that dream and work together with his parents by partnering up with his former Amazon intern buddies Mark and James, and his former boss Fumiko. Now the team of five work together in order to ensure delivering the greatest tasting food, the highest quality in service, and creating happy customers.